John Brock, president of BrockWorks, Inc. is a custom home builder and designer from Roanoke, Virginia and has been designing and building high-end custom homes at Smith Mountain Lake since the early 90’s.  John is an avid SketchUp modeler and has developed several SketchUp Extensions, including Estimator for SketchUp, Framer for SketchUp, PDF Importer, and Issue Tracker.  John has been speaking for SketchUp for the last six years at the International Builders Show, the American Institute of Architects Annual Convention and the last two 3D Basecamps, and is part of SketchUp’s Visiting Professionals Program.  John is also a published author with Wiley Publishing with the new release of “SketchUp for Builders”

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SketchUp for Builders (Kindle version)!
AnsweredJohn Brock answered 6 months ago • 
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Where can I get copies of the Tutorial Examples from the book?
AnsweredJohn Brock answered 6 months ago • 
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