SketchUp for Builders…

A SketchUp Community and Resource Site for contractors, architects, interior designers, do-it-yourself-ers or anybody who uses SketchUp, or wants to use SketchUp, to model construction projects of any sort.

Hosted by John Brock, author of “SketchUp for Builders”.  John is a custom home builder and designer and avid SketchUp modeler and has developed several SketchUp Extensions, including Estimator for SketchUp.


Come in and explore tips, tricks, methods and favorite extensions! Ask the experts – including John, Duane Addy, Michael Brightman, Nick Sonder, Daniel Tal and the team at Zachary Engineering!

SketchUp for Builders: A Comprehensive Guide for Creating 3D Building Models Using SketchUp.  Learn how SketchUp can be used to model all phases of construction, from site modeling, foundations, framing, floor and roof systems, exterior finishes, interior finishes, landscaping, etc.  Learn how to report quantity takeoffs, create renderings, animations and virtual tours!

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