SketchUp Extensions:

SketchUp’s API (Application Programming Interface) allows third party developers to develop programs which extend the native features and capabilities of SketchUp.  They are mostly tools for automating modeling tasks, creating specific geometry, and report generation.  There are a number of ways one may learn about, download, test and purchase (many are free!) SketchUp Extensions.  There is SketchUp’s Extension Warehouse, Sketchucation (Sketchucation has a plugin for the Sketchucation Store – it is recommended to install this plugin for searching for and installing extensions directly into SketchUp), Smustard, and of course individual developer’s websites.

Extensions are generally installed using the Extension Manager inside of SketchUp.  Extension Manager > Install Extension > (choose .rbz file you downloaded).

Our favorite developers include ThomThom, TIG, Fredo, Vali, Eneroth – these geniuses and their many plugins are easy to find and their tools save you time!

Check out our favorite SketchUp Extensions, also known as Plugins!

Estimator for SketchUp basically allows users to assign SketchUp objects and its attributes to items in their Items Databases (customizable) to generate quantity takeoffs and estimates. 

Framer for SketchUp is a parametric wall framing extension, allowing users to model lumber-framed walls of any size and height, add window and door openings with specified headers, add sheathing or drywall, etc.  Instantly report material quantities as you model with Estimator for SketchUp.

PDF Importer (Windows only at present) allows users to import vector-based PDF drawings (like floor plans) directly into SketchUp, without converting to cad files, etc.  Result is vector versus raster, meaning you can snap to edges and endpoints.  Great for importing floor plans and then model the building or object directly on the 2D outline!

Issue Tracker is a mark up tool inside of SketchUp.  Quickly label an issue or item that needs correcting or editing and generate a branded report to share with clients or co-workers, etc., without having to write it down or create special report.

The ConDoc plugin expedites construction documents, automates design packets, and improves your project organization using SketchUp and LayOut platforms. Try out the ConDoc plugin today and you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Profile Builder is an incredibly powerful parametric modeling extension for SketchUp.

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