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Donald \"Donney\" Clark asked 2 years ago

Hello sir.  I have contacted you previously.  I was re-watching your presentation today.  Please reply at your convenience.  Thank you!!
Do you use the ConDoc Tools to get your LayOut drawings to look like AutoCAD/Revit drawings?
Per our phone call, you mentioned the two drafting/drawing standards you use.  I believe you said that one of them is the AIA Architectural Graphic Standards.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember the other one you said.
Available info about your workflow/process for Mr-Potato-Head modeling?
(I don’t know if this message will be publicly viewable.  You are welcome to move this to the forum section, if that is something that is possible.)

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Donald "Donney" Clark replied 2 years ago

Francis D.K. Ching’s Architectural Graphics?

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