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Medeek asked 5 years ago

I realize that you don’t use a lot of extensions in your workflow and primarily rely on SketchUp’s native tools but if you had a wish list for things that could be an extension I am very interested to here what that might be.
In your opinion what feature or tool would you like to see created to make your work easier?

Nick replied 5 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. I just got back from Australia.

I’m not sure how to respond since I am so used to doing things without automation. My work is very customized so not that many plug-ins would really apply for me personally. I do like profile builder for running trim, odd cabinet profiles and windows on a pitch.

Sorry for not really having a good answer to your question.

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Medeek answered 5 years ago

No, this is a perfectly good answer to my question, please do not apologize.  My take away is that given that your work is so customized to each project and also that you have probably been doing this (creating designs and construction documents within SketchUp and Layout) more successfully and longer than most of us you have devised a system that works well for you and does not require further automation or major adjustment.

Thank-you for taking the time to give this some thought and consideration.

For someone like yourself who has their own advanced (and mature) workflow it would seem that (minor or incremental) improvements to the core features and tools of SketchUp and Layout would probably be more meaningful, rather than adopting the use of a plugin which attempts to radically change the way you are doing things.

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